22 May 2006

Update: Emmy 2006

I have a dress.

It's a small sentence but this was no small feat. Anyone who knows me knows two things I can't stand are dresses and spending money I consider to be excessive. Spending $172 on a dress that I'll likely only wear once is enough to put me in a bad mood. Add to that some gloves, shoes, a purse, and strapless bra and I'm flat out grumpy. I've given up on the gloves (I couldn't find any) and I can use the purse from my senior prom (maybe now I'll get my mother's money's worth) so all I really needed was a dress, bra, and shoes. Done and done.

I also got our hotel and took next Friday off from work. Once I but the tickets, I'm all Emmy ready. But that's just me. My parents and Jesse still haven't figured out what they're going to wear. My parents are flying in to San Diego Friday, June 2. I expect you'll find us on the beach for most of the day. The ceremony is Saturday at the Omni Hotel. I hope the food is tasty, or else I'll demand a refund. Unless I win. Then I might consider a $90 dinner to be well worth it.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck!!! You should call us and have everybody on speaker when they announce the winner!

    -Heather S.