24 May 2006

Hate to be Obsessive But...

At this point I'm all Emmy. I know I still have more than a full week to go but we only have one party to go to this weekend, so the Emmy Ceremony is my next big event.  Also, almost all the plans are made so I'll soon be able to sit back and enjoy my ultra mini vacation.  Here are the latest developments:

  • Vicki will be coming. She wasn't before. That brings our party to 6. But Dayana doesn't have all of her teeth, so she won't be getting her own dinner plate. I hope the Omni Hotel has high chairs.
  • Today I am wearing my Emmy shoes to determine if they are going to hurt my feet. They will.
  • I got my invitation in the mail today. On the menu are Tomato Basil Soup, Goat Cheese Crostini, Char Crusted Chicken Forestiere, Pesto Crusted Salmon, Wild Rice Risotto, a vegetable, Starbuck's Coffee, and a Seasonal Fruit Tart. Yum and yum.
  • I bought gloves for a lot more money than I wanted to spend. But the sale was final so there's no going back.
  • So far I'm the only one with a dress locked down. My parents and Jesse are wearing suits. That's as much as they know.

And my competition (a nice guy named Mike) wants to sit at the same table. Stop and think how awkward that would be. If he wins, he gets to be ecstatic right in my face (and in my family's faces). If I win, he gets to watch us take pictures, make phone calls and sing "I'm the best." Either way it doesn't seem like a good idea. Of course we could both win, (we could also both NOT win) but I plan to be the sole victor.  Today I had hoped to tell him that I don't want to sit with him. So far I haven't found a way to say it that doesn't sound like "I don't want to sit with you."

Any suggestions?


  1. Just say you have a big family, and there won't be enough room.

  2. i agree with ryan....hv