14 May 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

Look: this is my mother. It's Mothers Day here in the United States. In this country we apparently need a reminder to thank our mothers. It's kind of a shame but at the same time even I have to admit it's necessary. So here's a toast to all the mothers I know and even the ones I don't. Good job.

I spent a weekend with my mother & Vicki recently and here's what I learned: babies are hard. Sure they're cute, until they start crying. And they always need something, but of course they can't tell you what that something is. They just don't make any sense. Kudos to anyone who chooses to take that on and like it. I'm waiting for the day when I'm ready for that. The last time I checked, it was like years away.

This year, I was adventurous in the present department. I got something (the same something) for my mommy, all of my aunts, and my grandma because they're mothers too. I hear it went over swimmingly. Also, I was curious as to how this whole Mothers Day thing came to be. So I got out my trust internet and here's what I found.

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