07 May 2006

Fun & Games

I know. I promised two big issues last week and only delivered one. But as you can see, I've been terribly busy. This is a picture of me and Jesse from April 29, 2006. We were at my company picnic, armed with water balloons. Lucy took the picture. She was in town escaping from the stresses of life in Madison. In case you're wondering, Lucy is a great roommate. She's very neat and tidy. Do you know what it's like to come home to a clean house? It's fantastic.

The company picnic was a good time. The food was good and for the most part the games were fun. Somehow I got wrapped up in a faux grass skirt and was entered into a hula contest. I had no complaints, aside from my obvious lack of talent. Plus, wearing the skirt is a lot better than squeezing into those coconuts.

This is my friend Lizbeth. She's from Texas and insists we take a picture at every event. We go out a lot, so that means we take pictures about once a week. I'm sure in a few years we'll have a detailed photo album. But right now it just looks like we love ourselves.

So Lucy was all about taking pictures, but she flat out refused to be in them. "No pictures please," and all that. We plumped her up with some food and drinks and she eventually came around. There she is with Jesse. Neither one of them is very photogenic. But they are quite tan.

Joel was there too. He and Jesse did a lot of sitting, mumbling, and eventually football tossing. And then it was time to pack it up and head out. We took a few more pictures and went on our merry little way.

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