15 May 2006

The Cheeseburger Challenge

My name is Danie and I live with a boy named Jesse. If you know that then you likely also know that Jesse loves cheeseburgers. I don't use the word "loves" lightly. Of all the different kinds of foods available to us out here in the great desert, he eats cheeseburgers the most. In fact, eating cheeseburgers is one of his favorite things to do. When Chris arrived for my birthday party in January, the very first thing we did was stop at In-N-Out Burger. Look at their glee.

When Jesse moved here, he pledged to limit himself to one double cheeseburger a day. At first we monitored that pledge closely. But as the months wore on, we kind of lost focus. I had all but forgotten about it until this past Saturday night when Jesse was laying on his stomach moaning from being so full. On Saturday our hero ate not one, not two, but FIVE burger patties throughout the day. That's one double cheeseburger for lunch, followed by another double cheeseburger for dinner and washed down with a simple cheeseburger.

So I issued him a challenge and he accepted. Basically, $100 says he can't go 30 days without eating a cheeseburger. That will take us to midnight on June 12th. I'm calling it the cheeseburger challenge, and I've added a countdown clock to your upper left. Even though I want him to do it (you know - for his health) I'm not planning to lose $100. Leave him some words of encouragement. Or not.


  1. OJ you know you suck and you know you will never make it 3 days haha

  2. I think Jesse really doesn't want to lose $$$, then again Danie doesn't either, yikes, i'm on the fence!

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that jesse will lose.....

    And if he loses he will turn into theodore and chris will be simon.....


  4. Anyone care to make a side bet?