16 April 2006

Walking For Healthy Breasts

Did that get your attention? Good! Now let's see if I can hold on to it long enough to get some money out of you. On May 6, I will be walking in the Susan G. Komen Las Vegas Race for the Cure. If you know me, you know boobies are near and dear to my heart (mostly near). While I do not know anyone who has had breast cancer, the foundation says one in seven women will get it. According to my calculations, I know more than 5 women, so I should help out.

I'm walking with a group from my job. Technically the group has already reached it's goal but I just signed up last week. So I'm asking for $5 from you. You can donate anonymously if you'd like and of course you are free to donate more than $5. My theory is that if I get $5 from everyone, I'll raise more than if I get three or four big donations. So please please please donate. Breasts across the country will thank you.

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  1. the miller family will pledge $5.00.Keep up the good work lady clay.

    Luv Ya.

    Guess who