09 April 2006

Time to Meet the Family: I

Eventually, we all arrived at the hotel. In the time in takes to organize 16 people in 4 rooms (and wait f or 2 more to arrive), you can take a lot of pictures, including pictures of people taking pictures. And that's exactly what I did. Vicki and Dayana were happy to stretch their legs. That's right, Vicki is wearing purple boots to match her purple shirt. I left mine in... Okay I've never bought purple boots. But Vicki has at least two pairs, so I might. But then I'd need a purple shirt, so nevermind.

This is my Aunt Shelia and her daughter (my cousin) Sharabia (Ray). The little blue head belongs to Jahkeim. He's Dayana's older brother and was my first second cousin. He lives with my Aunt Shelia in Florida. Ray's younger brother is Jerry Jr. He likes to take pictures. Ray prefers to pose.

This is my Aunt Marion. Growing up, I remember her laughing at us a lot. And it looks like she's still at it. She's Jordan's mother. They used to live in Durham, so she knew the best place to eat, being a buffet. More on that later. But for now, this is my Aunt Marion.

While I'm trying to fill some space, I'd like to raise a cultural question. Jesse calls his aunts and uncles by their first names. As far as I know, no black person has ever done that and escaped a swift slap to the mouth. Is that one of those white people things? Or one of those Jensen things?

There's much more family to meet, but in order to maintain my chronological storytelling I have to take us to the food.


  1. My nieces and nephews all call me "auntie"

  2. Aren't you using your aunt's first name when you call her Aunt Marion? Or do you mean white people just say Marion? My niece and nephew call me Header and they call Scott - Dot. We're not very formal.


  3. With the aunts and uncles I like I use the words aunt or uncle and then their name, ie "Uncle David" or "Aunt Dawn."
    The aunts and uncles I don't like, I call them by their first name only.
    Nick uses the words aunt and uncle for all his relatives, he says it's out of respect.
    And that's just my 2 cents.

  4. We always use "Aunt" or "Uncle" - it's a respect thing across the board...