05 April 2006

So I Arrived

As I began my descent into Baltimore, I got really excited. This was the first time I had seen my mother since June 2004. Since then she's been diagnosed with all these different maladies. And every time something new came up, I wished I were closer. For my trip, my mother was feeling fine, so that was even better.

My mother told me there was going to be a five person welcoming committee for me in the airport. But when I landed, I didn't see anyone. So I went to the bathroom. And then I saw them, not five, but three. There's the stroller for cousin Dayana. It's seemingly unattended by my mother and cousin Jordan as they look looking for my flight.

It only took two pictures for them to notice me and then I got the money shot. Look how happy my mommy is. That's what I do you know, deliver joy far and wide. This is another of my favorite pictures.

That's my cousin Jordan off to the side. He doesn't get very emotional. Jordan is the youngest of my first cousins. Now he's a whopping 16.
Dayana is currently my youngest second cousin (but there's one on the way - scandalous). She's 9 months at the time of these pictures. My mother thinks that is an excuse for her behavior. I don't buy it, and neither does my brother Derek nor our cousin Jordan. Granted, Dayana had a rough start. But now she's living with my mother and her wife Vicki. They're adopting her and I know she's being spoiled (check out the little heart sneakers), so I think she could be a little nicer. As you can see, I'm not ready for kids.

During the stroller ride back to the car, Dayana kept looking from my face to my mother's. I think she saw a resemblance. I thought that was nice, and figured that meant she wouldn't be scared of me. I was wrong. Once she was in her car seat and couldn't see my mother (because she was driving) she started screaming. The 3o minute ride seemed to last three hours. Not even the dancing elmo could quiet her.

I even changed a poopy diaper. My mother had to talk to her from the driver's seat to calm her down. But that only lasted until she realized I would not let her go to my mother. I can't describe it to you, partially because I want to forget it. Above is a picture of her taking her pacifier out so it wouldn't interfere with her screaming.

Finally we got to their house. And there was my brother, Derek the 21. He's renting out the basement, only he's borrowing money until he can pay rent. I like this picture because my brother is always saying "here's an idea," and in this picture you can see him having one of those very ideas. Thanks Derek!

That night we played Monopoly. I'm not going to tell you it was a great game, because I was the first one out. Derek got Boardwalk and Park Place almost right away. He struck a lot of deals to keep the game going. But the only one really able to hang wth him was my mother, and that's because she kept "picking up" Derek's money when his back was turned. I know! What kind of mother does that? Mine.

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  1. Danie-Your such a great story teller, your blog always makes me smile. Thanks!
    p.s. I should be working and not procastinating too