27 April 2006

Now Emmy Nominated

I am so excited I don't even know what to tell you. I have been nominated for an Emmy. A real Emmy. They have them for newscasts you know. The place where I work (which shall remain nameless) requires all producers to enter at least one show for Emmy Nominations. I only had one to enter. And do you know what? It was nominated for an Emmy!

The now Emmy Nominated show was produced on August 31, 2005, just two months after I left Fargo. The focus for most of the hour was Hurricane Katrina. It's a show I kept because I was proud of it. And now it's gotten me an Emmy Nomination.

Scroll down to page 2 and you'll see it. I'm up for Evening Newscast Las Vegas. I'm so excited, I just don't even know what to do! I could win an EMMY. Unbelievable.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Congratulations! That's so awesome. Are you already writing your speech?

  2. This is believable, because you put so much dedication into your work. This is how they show their appreciation.

    I am just taken away by you pumpkin. You never cease to amaze me. How proud am I to be your mom? I am proud from here to infinity.

    Love Ya

    Mommy dearest

  3. So, does that mean I'll have to get the BetaMax tuned up to tape the Emmy ceremony? It ran good in 1980, so I don't see any problems.
    Looking forward to catching up with you two next week! Buzz

  4. Wowie Zowie! that is really something! My goodness! Congratulations, bask awhile in this glory! wow. Jes in cincinnati

  5. Wow, that is pretty darn cool. I wish I could see it. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Lori