13 April 2006

Lots of Family Pictures

Well at this point, I think I've said all I can say about the fun I had with my family. Still, there are some who have not yet been seen. So I'll give you some quick introductions and a few more pictures to "button up the coverage" as we say at my job.

This is my oldest cousin, Junior. That's not his real name, but it's one of the two names family members call him. The cousins call him Junior. Grandma and the Aunts call him Papa. There's a story behind that from when he was like 2, or before I was born. Therefore it's not that important.

Junior is the oldest cousin and comes from the oldest aunt, Aunt Mary Ann. Yes, I have an Aunt Mary Ann and an Aunt Marion. They are not at all alike. Anyway, Junior now has a son, he's the second of the great grandchildren. His name is Gabe. If this picture were a painting, it would be called "Three Generations Eating At A Buffet." You may notice Junior winking and Gabe about to wink, it's something they do. In fact, this is the only picture where Gabe posed and didn't have his eye completely closed.

This is another of my favorite pictures. This my mommy and Dayana in the buffet line. Aren't they precious?

Next is Dayana and her uncle (my cousin) Glenn Jr. Oh yeah, that's another thing we have a lot of: juniors. There's Junior (so called because he's named after his father), Derek Jr. (my brother), Glenn Jr., and Jerry Jr. Jordan is not a junior (but his middle name is his father's). For some reason, the boys in my family are mostly copycats. Then again, so am I. I'm Danielle from my father's Donnell (middle name) but I'm not a junior.

These are Tonekia's children, Jahkheim and Dayana. Like I said, my cousin Tonekia couldn't come. So we tried to get them to pose together. But they hardly know each other.

Okay, now I think you've met everyone. But I doubt you can remember anyone without looking. In attendance at our impromptu reunion was one grandma, 4 aunts, 8 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Plus Vicki and my Aunt Mary Ann's boyfriend Sam. We took lots of group pictures. Here are a few:

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