18 April 2006

Jason & Nora Came to Town

Every 6 months, the National Hot Rod Association comes to Vegas. For me, that translates to a good time. Slap yourself for thinking I'm a racing fan, because that is most certainly not the case. But my friend Jason (IC '02) works for ESPN and travels with the NHRA. When it's time for him to come to Vegas, he brings fiance Nora (IC '02) and his brother Brian comes in from LA. This time Nora's sister Rita came too (she turned 21 just in time). The last time they came it was pre-blog. Thank goodness I got my act together. Anyway, in this picture starting from me and heading to your right (my left in the picture) are Rita, Nora, Brian, Jesse, and Jason.

This is a picture of Jason & Nora in October 2005, followed by a picture of them in April 2006. The difference? Some hair dye and an engagement ring. The first picture is at the I-Bar at the Rio. We went there after some drinks at the Palms and before Rain and Mist at Treasure Island and food at the 27 Seven Cafe.

The next picture is from dinner at the
Orleans, after drinks at the Orleans, The Bar at Time Square, Mist, and a really quick stop at the I-Bar. Basically we got to the I-Bar, realized we were all either drunk or hungry, and headed over to the Orleans. And if you're worried: we took cabs all night. And if you're interested: they will not let you take 6 people, not even in a van. Some county code or some such nonsense. We argued it at taxi stand after taxi stand. They seemed to be pretty intent on obeying the law.

We spent the most time at Mist and even though the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cost $8, I thought the drink prices were reasonable. Which could show you that I've been here for too long because the Captain Cokes were $7. I know that's reasonable in a lot of places. But I turned 21 in Fargo. So I got used to a lot of drinks for a little bit of money. Now I'm assimilating. And Jesse would rather not go out at all. Anyone who knows Jesse knows that's a HUGE deal. Oh, and I have no idea what's so funny.

While we were at Mist, Rita made a drunk friend who wanted to dance with us. I remember she was 26 but here for her cousin's 21st birthday. But the cousin wasn't nearly as drunk as the older cousin. I think there's something backwards about that. Once we started dancing, I started taking pictures. They started to posing constantly, just in case.
I ended up with some good pictures.

So that was their trip here. Jason worked and Nora & Rita saw the sites and drank the booze. A good time was had by all. I leave you with two pictures of me & Jason. The first is from October 2005 and the second from April 2006. Ready? Here we are:

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