14 April 2006

I've Joined the Dark Side

If you haven't heard, I joined myspace.com. I had been resisting it for a really long time. More than a few of my friends have myspace accounts, but I always thought it was too unsophisticated. So what changed? Nothing, in fact I'm less of a fan after joining that I was when I thought it was for teens and child predators. But there were reasons for joining, for example:
  • A lot of people I used to know use myspace.com. Now I can reconnect with them and chat with them whenever I want.
  • I can also refer those people to Pique A Boo, which will remain my priority. Those people with whom I have lost contact will now be able to follow my adventures.
  • A lot of people I currently know use myspace.com. Actually, that's not really a good reason to join, since I talk to them already.
  • But Anyone who knew me and wants to find me would likely use myspace.com. That (plus friendster) has worked for Angie and Katrina. I'm standing firm against friendster too. We'll see how long that lasts.
  • Also, at my job I hear about lots of criminals who use myspace.com. We have (in the past) needed myspace.com accounts in order to look at these pages. Now I have one to offer the next time some local weirdo commits some heinous act.

But I do not recommend myspace.com. It's not at all user friendly. You can design the look of your blog page, but not for your main page. There just isn't the option. And the Frequently Asked Questions page offers fantastic advice. Basically, if you want to spruce up your profile page, reach out and ask a stranger, because we won't help you here.

Once you spend hours finding a profile background that isn't pink and purple sparkles, and pick a song, and design your blog, you have to go to one spot to leave comments. You have to go somewhere else to view your blog. There's another place to view friend requests, which is near the place you go to get your messages and search for other people.

The whole thing is too much clutter. And it's ugly. And it had ads. But I added a pet fish. Plus Dane Cook accepted my friend request and I've found a lot of people I'd forgotten that I liked. So if you are a member, here's my page. If you're not, don't worry about it. It just refers people back here.

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