03 April 2006

I Took A Little Trip

On Wednesday, March 22, 2006, I took a trip. I headed east to see my mommy and her side of my family. This is a picture of me, my mother, and my brother. Just ignore the business that is going on with my hair. It couldn't be helped. I had to skip a hair appointment for an echocardiogram. But that's another story. This is us as I was leaving. I'll tell you all about the trip in my next few posts, starting with the beginning.

I left Las Vegas at 6:30am and slept all the way to Kansas City. This was my first time ever in Kansas City and from what I saw, it's cloudy. The airport has wireless access, so I thought I'd play on the internet a bit, but they wanted $9.99 for 24 hour access. My lay over was only for an hour. It just didn't add up. But I did stop at the Starbucks so I could stay awake for my next flight.

And I'm glad I did. Southwest has open seating. So it's kind of like getting on a school bus on the first day of school. If you don't come with a friend you basically judge people by their looks or (if you're like me) walk as far to the back as it takes to find an empty row. That way people have to judge me, as I am not a fan of judging.

I had a pretty nice view from my position behind the wing . This is my favorite in-flight picture. You can see the plane's shadow on the clouds. It just tickles me.

I haven't flown in a long time. I used to like it a lot. Now it's a little bit of a headache. You have to take off your shoes. They have to wipe down your computer. You have to stand in line so you're not the last one in your boarding group. And you can use your computer on the plane (I even had a wireless network detected on my way back), as long as the person in front of you doesn't want to recline. The flights are packed. So much so that I had to check my carry on, thereby defeating the purpose of packing light enough to just use a carry on. But alas, it was time to see my family.

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  1. Awwh I miss you guys! My 2nd family for every summer throughout high school :-)