02 April 2006

I Knew I Didn't Love It

Remember when Crash won best picture? Jesse and I asked "really?" Even though at the time it was the only nominated movie we had seen, we didn't think it was worthy of best picture. And since it was then labeled as the big upset, I guess we weren't alone.

Right away I liked Crash because of what I thought it was trying to do. Jesse thought it was too unrealistic. The more I thought about it, the more I began to agree. I also thought it was too simplistic. I don't believe one experience can wipe away a lifetime of prejudice. Although to hear my friend Chrissie tell it that's what happened to her dad.

Recently Jesse sent me a review of the movie by fellow North Dakotan, Robert Jensen (no relation). It's not a review in the typical sense, and asks (as many of his writings do) for white people to examine not only racism, but white privledge and societal structure.

Robert Jensen rips it apart. But Roger Ebert sews it back together so it can sit on a cushy pillow atop the pedestal he's built. Jesse loves them both. I wonder how he's coping. Regardless, I recommend you read both reviews, the order doesn't matter. But they will take some time. So grab some popcorn.

And beginning on Monday, I'll tell you all about my vacation east to see my family. Here's a hint; it began on as plane. And ended the same way.

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