07 April 2006

The Drive to Meet the Family

My vacation began in Maryland on Wednesday. It was short lived. We got up Thursday morning at 5 to drive down to Durham, North Carolina. We were 6 in my mother's minivan. There were 5 in the van from Daytona Beach, Florida, and 5 in the car from Estill, South Carolina. There are two who actually live in Durham. As you can see, whenever I go east, it's quite an event.

If you clicked, you saw the drive from Essex was supposed to be 5 hours. We were scheduled to leave at 6 and therefore were expected to check in around noon. I think we actually got there around 2. First of all, we didn't leave until 7. Then we hit rush hour traffic in the Washington, D.C. area. Then we had to eat. Later we had to get gas. And my mother refused to act like she was in a rush. Even though we all did want to beat the other cars there. Add to that the fact that we got a little lost (my mother drives a minivan without a road map) and it's amazing we did actually arrive first. But not by much.

Here are some pictures from the drive. That's Jordan sleeping (on an IC sweatshirt) and Derek stealing from a baby. And there's Dayana. She doesn't seem to mind. In the background is Jordan, probably about to ask "how much longer until we get there?"

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