07 March 2006

Walking Woes

Hello, and welcome to March 2006. As with February 2006, the month started rather slow. There were things I could have written about, but I was preoccupied with another debate that had nothing to do with my hair.

Way back when I realized my insides were betraying me with the high blood pressure, I joined the Las Vegas Track Club. My first goal was to run a half marathon in December 2006. But Las Vegas doesn't have a half marathon. So I figured I could just walk a full marathon. But more than wanting to complete a marathon, I wanted a group with which I could exercise. So I signed up.

Training was hard and got easier every week (we train at 7am on Sundays). Ten miles was a breeze. The week after that we jumped to 12. My walking buddies weren't going to be there and as I was leaving (and Jesse was just coming home) he said he'd walk with me if we went a little later. How could I resist? A few hours later we set out to do 10 miles. At least I did. Jesse suggested 8 once we started, then 7 once we reached the 3.5 mile marker. And it was a good thing we turned around when we did. Jesse was destroyed. He slept for almost a whole day afterwards, and got to know my heating pad pretty well. But he was a trooper. Bless his little back.

So I went from 10 miles to 7 . Then I got sick and didn't do my walking homework. But I showed up bright and early Sunday morning for 13 miles. That was a bad idea. I did the walk, without my walking buddies in about 3 hours and 40 minutes. The trouble is, I was bored. After about 10 miles I wanted to quit. But that's the rub! I had to keep walking to get back to my car. I was in physical pain by the time I finished.

So here's the dilemma, and here are my options. Do I continue to train for the marathon, or do I keep meeting with the group to do 10 miles a week and get stronger that way? It's only going to get longer every week. I don't want my morning work out to take more than 4 hours. Actually, I don't want it to take more than 2. If I stick to 10 miles I might actually start to run and get faster and thereby achieve my original goal of being able to run a half marathon.

But I'm not a quitter. But this wasn't my goal, I just fell into it. What say you?


  1. Why do you hate your body so much? What has it done to you??? I say stop punishing it with hateful amounts of abusive exercise!

  2. Hi Danie! Good for you, taking charge of your health! I say walk with others when possible. For me, that would make me stick with it longer and that is the goal. Good health to you! jes in OHIO