21 March 2006

I Present to You...

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Vinje. Remember when Heather & Nick Came to Town? Well they came back with their families last week to get married. They performed their nuptuals at the esthetic Aladdin Hotel & Casino, currently being converted to a generic Planet Hollywood.

Heather and I have a fun story. In 2002, Heather quit her job at KVLY to work in Ohio. I then took her job. Ohio was pretty crappy for Heather, so she moved back. Eventually, she was back at KVLY, then at KXJB. Then I got a new job at a place I'm not sure I'm allowed to name and Heather took my job, which was really her job to begin with.

Heather and Nick have their own story which I don't know well enough to tell. On March 18, 2006, they got married. If you don't know them, you don't really care. If you do know them, you just want to see the pictures. So here they are, or at least some of them. I'll put up more this week. This is just to appease HMS.

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  1. Thanks Danie! I'll expect more of the ceremony in 24-48 hours. They look so happy together and HWV looks great!!!! Her makeup didn't melt off in extreme heat...lucky duck.