31 March 2006

As Peter Kareithi Would Say...

This really gets my goat.

On March 10, 2006, I sent a letter to Arrendale State Prison in Georgia. Along with the letter, I sent stamps (four to be exact) and a business card. I figured it would take 7 days for the letter to arrive, and another 8 before I got a reply. Sure enough, I got a letter on March 28th. Only it was MY letter, sent back to me. It had been opened, and taped closed with the words "stamps not allowed" written on the front.

I really appreciate that my letter wasn't just thrown away. I am also pleased to know that the staff at Lee Arrendale doesn't remove stuff from letters. However, it was just 4 little stamps. I hardly think it was worth it to send it all the way from Alto, GA to Las Vegas, NV just so I can repackage it without the stamps and send it back. That's a lot of traveling for one little letter. Especially since I sent a follow up letter the day before I received the first letter. Prisons (apparently) do not allow priority mail. So my letters will be out of order. And if you know me, you know how that would get my goat.