23 February 2006

What Do You See?

Is that peanut butter? Or an instrument of death? The answer is "yes." Last Friday (17 February 2006) Jesse and I went to work as per usual. We left Lucy & Danielle up to their own devices but the idea was that they would be ready by 11pm. Jesse and I were obviously way too ambitious. The girls went out, caught a drink special, and watched some hilarious karaoke at the Imperial Palace.

They came back to the apartment to eat and that's when Jesse tried to kill Danielle! I know, I was shocked too. She's such a nice girl. Here's an anecdote:
Jesse just loves peanut butter on toast. He eats it so often, he just keeps the peanut butter by the toaster, open, and with a knife on top. Well sometimes the knife hits the counter and leaves a little peanut butter smudge. Notice the smudges in the above picture.

So as Lucy & Danielle were making mac & cheese, they dropped some noodles. Danielle used her hand and wiped the noodles up. AND SHE TOUCHED A PEANUT BUTTER SMUDGE. Danielle, by the way, is the first person I've ever known to be allergic to all things peanut.

Jesse and I got back from work, expecting the girls to be ready or just about ready to go. We were wrong. Lucy was wearing a bath towel (at least she had showered) and Danielle was wearing sweats.

She was also quite swollen on one side of her face and splotchy on the other. I politely asked her what happened. Jesse chose to call her Quasimodo. And to be quite honest, he wasn't too far off.

We talked her into taking some medicine and we hit the road.


  1. Hi this is Cutie Pie! (Vicki's niece Amber) so how are you doing? I love your website! How is your friend that got hurt by the peanut butter? Tell her I said "I hope she is OK" Well talk to ya later bye!


    Amber aka Cutie Pie


    She is lucky she was not here I dont eat that wussy creamy crap we do it extra chuncky in the mid west

    know what i mean oj haha

  3. actually dale, i mean "anonymous," oj doesn't know anything about crunchy peanut butter... he prefers "that wussy creamy crap."

  4. Im just saying He prefers nuts from non nuts....

    Who would he rather hang out with me and chris,

    or you and one of your crazy friends?

    I think ive made my point!!!!!!