25 February 2006

On To Some Music

Last Friday night (17 February 2006), after the debacle with the peanut butter, we set out for some music. We, along with our friend Joel, went to the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge. We didn't stay long (Lucy's and Danielle wanted more) but while I was there I was invited to a slumber party. Let me explain.
A woman came up to me and asked me what I thought about the bar. I told her I liked it and she said the band was great. Then she asked to smell some perfume. I said no, because I've read that email a few times. You know, the one that tells women about how guys at gas stations ask them to smell perfume but it's really ether so the woman gets knocked out and taken to parts unknown.

But she persisted. And the more I thought about it, I realized she couldn't really take my unconscious body anywhere without being noticed. I smelled it, and told her it was nice, but that I didn't want any. She promised a dab would be more than enough because it had pheromones. Again, I told her no. Then she invited me to a slumber party and handed me her card.
I tell you, the people who live in Vegas are in a class all by themselves. Anyway, we left there and went to the Palms. Lucy & Danielle ditched us to find guys to buy them drinks so Joel, Jesse, & I went to the Double Down Saloon. From there we went to the Excalibur, where we played poker until princesses 1 & 2 wanted to see us again for a ride home. And what do you know, it was morning. After the girls and the Joel were home, Jesse drove to Arizona.

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