12 February 2006

Now the Next Lesson

We've mastered the aneurysmectomy, now how about Neuropathy? It's something I had never heard of until this last weekend. If you don't feel like visiting the link, I'll give you the quick and dirty. Having Neuropathy means the coatings around the nerve endings inside your body are crumbling. Your nerve bundles are exposed and you're in constant pain.

"But Danie," you may ponder, "why the sudden interest in terrible afflictions?" It's not by choice. Neuropathy turns out to be the latest diagnosis for my mother. Isn't that just craptastic? First the Lyme Disease prompts the Multiple Sclerosis. Then the MS prompts the Diabetes. Now the Diabetes prompts the Neuropathy. It's enough to make a weaker person lose their mind. Fortunately, my mom has her poop in a group (as they say) and she's taking it all better than can be expected.

Of course, there's no cure. My mom told me there's a surgery she could have, but she's adamantly against more surgeries. She's already had a few. She's not sad, so I won't be. But of all the things that happen to good people and that are not fair - this takes the cake.

In another time I would suggest sending money to fighting Neuropathy, but is it the Neuropathy we should be fighting, or the Diabetes, or the MS? No. I say it's the Lyme Disease. That's what got us into this mess in the first place. In my opinion, this is the scariest diagnosis of them all, probably because I hadn't heard of it before.

But we're a positive people. My mom feels okay and I'm going to persuade her to get the best treatment possible, even if it's surgery. If you know anyone who knows anything about Neuropathy, have them drop me a line.

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  1. Your the best daughter a person like me could ever have. Thru you I find my encouragement.

    Love Ya