17 February 2006

It's The Weekend...

And I haven't even told you what we did last weekend. Where have I been? Last Saturday I got a haircut. It's not that it's my new addiction, but my stylist says I come back every two weeks. Is that excessive? It's annoying every time because there's a lot of waiting and sitting under the dryer. I tried going in early, going in late, even scheduling it on an odd week. He must just be that popular.

You may also notice new glasses in that picture. But don't get used to them, they're already gone. My new optometrist said my right eye was over prescribed. He reduced it and strengthened my left eye. Too bad my left has been the
lazy eye for the last 21 years or so. I couldn't see. Road signs were blurry and I was getting headaches. I called the optician (different from the optometrist) the same day I picked them up and he told me my head just had to adjust. Oh really? I've been wearing glasses for 21 years. I know the difference between new glasses and the wrong glasses. That was Thursday. I had them adjusted on Saturday and saw the optometrist on Monday. Wouldn't you know it, my prescription was wrong. So now I'm back to waiting for a new pair.

Saturday night (before Valentine's night) we went to a boat and rv show. Jesse likes boats. Some were really nice and roomy. I especially like all the secret compartments. There's a lot to be said for storage. This is a picture of me inside of a boat. And I think that's all I have to say about that.

Last Sunday we went for a drive to the Hoover Dam. As you can see, it's really pretty here when the dust isn't blowing.

The dam is only about 30 minutes away. I think it may even be less without the traffic, but there is always traffic, so who can tell?

We stared at the water, and marveled at the size of the dam. That white line is calcium. It's indicative of our water shortage.

I called my parents and my brother to say "look at me, I'm at the Hoover Dam," but only my brother answered. His reply was "why?" My dad was stuck in the Dominican Republic because of a record setting storm that hit the east coast. On the west coast, Jesse ate ice cream while wearing shorts and driving with the window down. Those are the breaks I guess.



  2. Your haircut is so you. Cutie pie.

    Love Ya Mommy dearest