14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Week

I know we give it just a day, but since it's almost over as I type this, I've extended Valentine's Day to the whole week. Hooray! Jesse and I celebrated on Saturday. We had some Chinese delivered and watched Million Dollar Baby and the new Bad News Bears. I thought both movies were delightful. It was a sweet and relaxing evening. I think we needed it... at least I did.

As far as our Valentine celebrations go, this was our best. The three times before this one (we were "not" dating for a long time) all resulted in me pouting and crying. Jesse and I differ in our perceptions of Valentine's Day. He thinks it's a stupid day when girls pressure dudes into buying flowers, candy, and jewelry. I see it as a designated day for mutual appreciation. And I also think it serves as a reminder. If guys don't remember to get flowers for their significant others, Valentine's Day is there to remind them. It took us three years to get on the same page. Obviously the 4th time's the charm.

But in reality, Valentine's Day is shrouded in mystery. Do you know it's history? I knew it was named after a saint (St. Valentine to be exact) but I didn't know the story. Now I know a little more.