28 February 2006

Hair Do's & Dont's

On Saturday, Jesse said he couldn't find me. I know! By now, he should know every other Saturday is hair trim Saturday. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with Nic's latest do. Jesse didn't like it at all. I know so because he said "I don't like your hair today at all." He believes in expressing himself clearly.

So do I keep going to Nic? He's (usually) really good at what he does but I don't think I need to go (or spend) as often as I do. Plus he over books his appointments so I have to wait at least an hour before I get in the chair. Also he's a whole 30 minute drive away from where we live.

The obvious decision is to tell Nic I don't like the waiting, the appointment frequency, or the location. Then I'll either stop going as frequently or altogether. But I like Nic and I feel bad just leaving. Last time I brought something to occupy my time. But on Saturdays I'd rather spend more time with Jesse. Obviously he gets worried if I leave him alone.


  1. You know what would solve all of our problems? Why dont you schedule your appointments Sunday NIGHT (HALO NIGHT) that way everyone is happy, especially ALVIN

  2. some are addicted to smoking, for others it's the booze, for danie it's the beauty parlor.