11 February 2006

First, An Update

You may recall a little while back, I told you my dad needed an anuerysmectomy. It was a pretty compelling moment in Taylor family history. The scare temporarily mended very broken relationship between my dad and my brother. It also ended the silent hostilities between my dad and my mom. We had a plan in place in which we would all take turns taking care of my dear old dad after surgery. My brother actually wanted to stop him from all activity before the surgery. But the man needed to work.

One week after hearing that he'll need surgery, my dad met with the surgeon. Here's the verdict; my dad can't have surgery because his blood pressure isn't stable. Is that good news? Is it worse news? I'm not sure. What do you think? My dad was relieved because he didn't like that part about stopping his heart. But he still has an enlarged artery.

Supposedly my dad is incredibly motivated an has already started losing weight. I sent him a yoga dvd and some arm bands (both of which he wanted) and I hope he'll stick with it. The surgeon said my dad will have to come back for checks every three months. Of course diet and exercise (and no heavy lifting) will keep my dad alive. But I personally prefer the surgery. I trust that better than my dad's health kick. So I'm not sure how I feel about this decision. But what say you public?

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