02 January 2006

Welcome to 2006

Alas, I know you have been stopping by every day to see the latest pique a boo has to offer, but almost nothing interesting happened between Christmas and New Year's Eve. On Tuesday I got a text message from Emily saying she was on this side of the country and was to be in Las Vegas by the end of the week. I got another text message Thursday saying she was on her way, then here. She and former boyfriend Tim drove in from L.A. In the back of my mind, I knew they were coming. But I was still kind of surprised when they got here.

I'm afraid Jesse and I weren't great hosts. We had nothing planned, preferred not to go to a club, and didn't really offer any direction. We ended up at a bar at Mandalay Bay that featured slow service and a cover band. As you can see, Emily and Tim were thrilled. Emily didn't call at all on Friday and didn't return my call. If ever there was a sign of bad hosting, that was it.

On Saturday I did what I always do on the last day on the year. I cleaned. No sense bringing in a new year with old dirt. I spent several hours giving our place a deep cleansing. Jesse (who doesn't clean without a fight or a severe pout) vacuumed.

Once the place was cleaned, the booze bought, and the mini drink mixing station made, we headed for the bus stop, where we sat for about 30 minutes before we realized we'd have to drive if we wanted to make it to the strip by midnight. We then spent about an hour looking for parking. I created a spot at the Klondike Hotel & Casino, which doesn't even have it's own website. Then we walked to the Monte Carlo for the fireworks show.

I thought the show was great as far as fireworks go. There had been a solid threat that no shows would go on because of high winds. I don't know if some things were cut out but the same show went off from 10 rooftops. The visuals were great. As soon as I figure out how, I'll load up the video we took. But don't hold your breath.

After the show we (and an estimated 300,000 other people) began heading back to the car. It was pretty slow and bumpy. We ended up climbing a little wall and going in to the Excalibur. We walked through to Mandalay Bay where we saw Carrot Top AGAIN. We saw him Thursday night in the same area and I saw him at the Wynn in May when I interviewed. Between you and me, he's a weird looking fellow. His arms are huge, but the rest of him is waif-like. I'm not really a fan. So I wish he would stop following me.

We decided to wait out traffic and eat at the Klondike. On Sunday I went to the gym and jesse mostly slept. The New Year promises to be fun. We started off with this little show. But the real party is just beginning. my birthdat is Tuesday. And my birthday party begins Friday. People are flying in from as far away as Pennsylvania to celebrate with me. I'm super excited.