26 January 2006

Leave Google Alone

I know you didn't ask me, but I'm going to give you my opinion anyway. Google is not to be harangued because of it's agreement to censor information on Google China - that's what I will be calling it. Obviously Google made the deal because it was a sound business decision, not because it believes in censorship. The ongoing fight with the U.S. government should tell you that.

It appears Google is using the "some is better than none" mentality. That could be (and is being) viewed as selling out, but consider the fact that it's not a search engine's job to stand up to governments.

There are so many much bigger issues when it comes to China, the role of U.S. businesses in China, and the practices of the Chinese government that I think a new website is almost a non-issue. I understand that the agreement goes against the Google philosophy but I agree that giving some information is better than giving none. Obviously only time will tell.

But until that time passes, get off of Google's case. It knows when there's a fight worth fighting. All of this new and unnecessary bad publicity is bad for shareholders trying to double an already large investment.


A Shareholder

*Note: Google also supports (read: owns) blogger.

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