17 January 2006

Happy Birthday To Me: VI

Five of us left the Stratosphere to get booze, soda, and jackets (it gets cold when the sun goes down). We went back to the apartment to mix drinks and load backpacks. We then went back to the strip for more walking, because the estimated four miles from Friday night just weren't enough. We had a very rough itinerary that included the Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island, the fountain show at the Bellagio, a trip to Fremont Street, and the $15 for all the beer you can drink special at Gilley's.

It sounds like a fun night but there were stipulations. The last show at TI was at 10:30. The Bellagio fountains and the show at Fremont Street stop at midnight, and we thought we could avoid the cover at Gilley's by getting there right at nine. We were in a pickle. This is not a picture of use in a pickle. This is Ryan & Cassie from Saturday. I have a lot of pictures I want to use.

But some things worked themselves out. We caught the 8:30 TI show. It was the worst pirate show I could have imagined. Unless you replace "pirate" with "slut." Then it was great. If you have children, you should certainly not bring them. I hear it used to be an actual pirate show before it was "updated." Now it's a bunch of dancing whores. I always thought sirens lured sailors with their voices. These sirens did have good voices, but they were also scantily clad. The show had some brief pyrotechnics that were good. But it was mostly full of profound statements like: "My name is Cinnamon but every seaman that's entered my cove calls me Cin." If you think it's innocent just say it out loud. It's just a little inappropriate.

And the cover at Gilley's started at 9. So the 5 of us with mixed drinks decided against going there. The other three (Jesse, Ryan, & Chris) had to decide if they wanted to pay $25 for all the beer they could drink. Indeed, there was turmoil involved. Eventually they went in. The rest of us took our bags and headed to the Bellagio. The show never gets old (probably because it changes every hour) and it doesn't photograph well. So you'll just have to come here and see it.

We saw the fountain show twice and decided we had plenty of time to get downtown. It took another 15 or so minutes before I gave in and agreed to go to a taxi stand. Silly me, I thought you could hail a cab from the sidewalk. Movies lie. Near the cab stand was this car. Cassie loved it (and knew what it was) so she took a picture.

Our cab driver was great though. We got to downtown in 10 minutes. Tab and I encountered a dude outside the Golden Nugget who wanted to hug me. And then couldn't believe it when I told him no. I explained to him that he was a stranger and that I do not hug strangers. Then he tried to get to know me. We chatted. Tab and I also refused to exchange numbers with him. This went on for minutes. He even winked at me. I told him not to wink at me, as there was no secret between us. He again asked for a hug and I again denied him. Dudes are stupid. We later realized Tab's shirt wasn't buttoned up as well as it should have been - something about trying to hail a cab.

We watched the show. It too has been worsened through improvements. There's some new corporate sponsorship. We took another cab back to the strip and decided to start lounging. Plus I wanted to take the car away from Jesse in case he had any stupid ideas. We went back to the hotel so everyone could get their pajamas. Then back to the apartment to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I really like that movie. Three of the five fell asleep. Then I got a call that Jesse refused to leave Gilley's. He was hiding from Chris and Ryan and had to be escorted out of the kitchen. I told Ryan to deal with it the best he could. Then I called Jesse. He sounded pleased as punch. I heard him try to get the group to go to Circus Circus.

Eventually he was ushered into a cab and the three of them stayed at the hotel. We got up Sunday morning to check out. Then most of us went back to sleep. Let's see, 6 of the 8 went to Denny's, Then 2 of the 8 went back to California. Four of the 6 watched TV, 2 of the 6 wanted to play video games, 2 of the 6 fought about that - then went to rent Wedding Crashers. Six of 6 watched it, 3 of 6 went to the airport so 1 could return to Texas. Three of five played video games until 5 of 5 played poker and ate pizza. Five of 5 then went to bed, with 2 of 5 getting up just two hours later to go back to the airport so 1 of 2 could return to Pennsylvania.

On Monday, 1 of the 4 had to go to work. Four of 4 dropped him off. Three of 3 went to the airport so 1 could return to Minnesota. And then there were 2 who lounged all day doing nothing. Two of 3 went to pick 1 up from work. The 3 then went downtown for $5 steaks and chicken teryaki. On Tuesday, 2 of 3 had to go to work. Three of 3 went back to the airport so 1 could go back to North Dakota. Two of 2 went to work and were exhausted.

And that is my version of how I celebrated my 24th birthday. Of course there are different stories and pictures out there. Jesse and Ryan would love for you to stop by their blogs. The party was very very fun. I just need two weeks (or so) to recover.


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