16 January 2006

Happy Birthday To Me: V

The machine gun shooting was a big draw for most of the dudes in the group. I'm not really sure why, I suspect it's something about having a penis. But look: this is what a rocket propelled grenade launcher looks like. I know you were wondering.

The boys who shot did a wonderful job. I signed in as the official photographer. I learned gunfire is really loud when you're in a tiny place. The rounds also stink. Once you choose your weapon and target, a gun-toting employee takes you to get goggles and earmuffs. Then they teach you how each weapon shoots and (I think) you get two clips.

I don't know who shot what, other than Chris shot an uzi. I took a little video but it doesn't show much other than loud pops and the guys' backs. So I thought I'd show you some smiling faces instead. Here's Mlb, he chopped Duane to pieces.

Chris blasted this woman. I know it appears as though she were being held up but the dude at the gun store assured us it was his ex-wife and her lawyer. So Chris was doing him a service. Ryan liked it so much, he went twice. I'm all for hunting and people learning how to properly use firearms. Still, the amount of weaponry and the enthusiasts were a little disconcerting. Plus Tab (bless her little heart) was quite vocal about being anti-gun. What can I say? She's loud.

Once the testoserone was cleared, we headed to the Stratopshere, where romantic pictures are made. This is Tab & Mike. Jesse, Ryan, Chris & Mlb decided to ride the rides. From what I hear, the Big Shot was fun and the X-Scream and Insanity were terrifying. Just to be sure, Ryan, Jesse, and Chris rode the X-Scream twice. Unfortunatly, the ride doesn't photograph well, but I assure you there are terrified faces on board. I think one woman cried. The rest of us were bored. That meant it was time to get liquored up.

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