12 January 2006

Happy Birthday To Me: III

That brings us to Friday. I left Ryan and Chris sleeping while I took Jesse to work. Then I swung on over to McCarran Airport to pick up MLB (Matt) fresh from Amarillo. Together we checked into the hotel and went back to the apartment.

Chris and Ryan eventually got up, showered, and resumed their earlier positions. Chris got back on the internet in his efforts to solve Tupac's murder. Ryan got back on XBox Live to do some pretend murdering of his own. MLB took a nap. It wasn't too long before Chris realized he was no sleuth, and joined Ryan on the floor. They were like 2 cute little peas in a pod. Peas that shoot people.

But the day was not a total waste. Ryan baked Banana Bread all by himself. And I baked chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. But mostly, I wasted time and Ryan and Chris played Halo. After 5ish hours, I woke MLB and we all went back to McCarran to pick up Cassie plucked from Philadelphia.

We were out of room in the car, so we went back to the hotel. Ryan, Cassie, and I were entrusted with the booze buying. We opted for Cranberry Vodka and Cranberry juice. We all care about getting enough antioxidants, you know. We also picked up Jesse, bringing our number to 6. Back at the hotel, we mixed some drinks, watched some TV, put on our best walking shoes, and hit the strip.

We walked and walked and walked. The hotel was on Tropicana, so we headed north. Our first stop was across the street at the MGM Grand. We were hoping to see lions. No such luck.

A block or so after that, we munched at Fatburger. Then we stopped at the Bellagio to see the cranberry bog. Did you know the winter display is over.? I certainly didn't. They're changing it for what looks like Chinese New Year. This is a slightly doctored picture of what we saw. The fountain show had already ended for the night, so we pressed on.

Next stop, The Imperial Palace. There, we skipped right through the Karaoke to the blackjack tables. The Imperial Palace has dealer-tainers. Those are dealers dressed to look like celebrities. I was too busy laughing to take any pictures. It's a shame really, because when the fake Whitney Houston did a rendition of "So Emotional," there was one really excited guy who obviously thought he was an interpretive dancer. Again, I was laughing too hard to compose myself. But bless his rhythmless little heart.

After that we stopped at the MGM Mirage, hoping to see some tigers. It was just an excuse to rest out feet on a moving walkway and take some pictures. This is MLB & Cassie.

As it turns out, Tigers go to bed. Who knew? From the MGM Mirage, went to Treasure Island to get Pina Coladas and Margaritas. But the stands were closed. Some nonsense about it being really late (or too early in the morning). Chris and I danced to the beat of our own drummer, I guess she wasn't just ours, but we were the on;y ones dancing. He spun me around so much I thought I was going to throw up. But I didn't.

Then we encountered a random dude who challenged Chris to some dancing. Chris did very well, but this guy did better with the use of his jacket as a prop. The the guy ran away, giving Chris no chance to redeem himself. He was not pleased.

And then we realized we had a lot more walking to do, and we started heading back.

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