21 January 2006

Can You Say "Aneurysmectomy?"

You remember my dad don't you? He seems to be a recurring topic here. It's not that my mom isn't interesting, it's just that lately the strange happenings are following my dad.

My dear old dad has an anuerysmectomy. Apparently this artery is supposed to be about 3 centimeters. My dad's is 5.8. Anything over 5 and they operate. It's been described to me (via the Internet) like a balloon. It's too full, and could therefore pop - sending blood rushing into my dad's chest or heart. Scary stuff indeed.

The surgery will be performed at St. Luke Regional Heart Center in Bethlehem, PA. As you can see, it comes highly recommended. I will be flying east for the surgery and some of the recovery. I'm the least freaked out out of everyone in my family (except for maybe my 5 year old brother who probably doesn't even know) and I'm not worried. This is considered an elective surgery, which means there will be prep time and everyone will know the risk involved. Plus, I watch Discovery Health. So I know what insides look like.

I'll keep you posted, keep us in your prayers, chants, wishes, etc.

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