05 December 2005

Someone Got A Haircut...

And that someone was me. This was a big decision for me because to get a style that could be maintained on a day to day basis, I had to get my hair straightened permanently. Of course it will still grow in curly, but the hair that I had was relaxed.

It's been at least six years since I've relaxed my hair. I didn't want to do it. But I didn't want to keep my hair in those braids. They weren't real you know. And they pulled on my real hair. AND they were expensive ($250 every 6 weeks). I wanted something cute.

I also thought about growing my hair out. Then I went to see Nic Styles (no idea if that's his real name) and he asked me how old I was, and if I was feeling daring. I suppose I was, and he went to town. Nearly three hours later, there I was.

Unfortunately, I was up all night taking out my braids and as soon as I got back from getting it cut, I slept on it. But don't worry, this is what I'll look like everyday, so the picture is as accurate as can be.

Challenge: I'm looking for a hair spray with strong hold that won't make my hair as hard as a rock. I know I can just keep buying and trying - but come on, we have the Internet.


  1. ohhh my gosh that looks awesome I love short hair

    My theory is that long hair just gets in the way...

    Take that as you will but it does

  2. by the way it looks awesome congrats on your decision

  3. try palmade i love it

  4. yay danie! you are so cute! love the short hair, and especially cuz you let someone with such a weird name cut it, LOL. jessica in cincinnati

  5. This is beautiful pumpkin. I just love it. It says something different about you. This is a first for you and me.

    Enjoy it and be patient with the maintence. Short hair requires time and patience.

    Love Ya

  6. Hey Danie try Soft and Beautiful Botanicals products. They are very good. I started using them this summer and they work very well. I use the coco-almond moisturizing shampoo, organic complex conditioner and the moose and oil sheen. It keeps my hair from drying out and it is very, very good for permed hair. So try it out. I even got my sisters and mother using it and they also love it.


  7. I LOVE IT .... you are a hot and sexy momma ....

    Tab (who is not derelict)

  8. It's very sassy! I like it. My favorite hairspray is Bed Head - Hard Head. Everyone I know who tries it, likes it.