15 December 2005

Our Holiday Card 2005

Do you know what adults do? Adults send out Christmas cards from themselves, their partners, and their children. And do you know what else? I myself happen to be one of these "adults." I do plan on sending Christmas cards this year. But only to people who have sent me their current addresses (and not even ALL of those people). However I will send a generic card to the people of the Internet. Think of it as a small wish of holiday happiness from me (and I guess Jesse) to you.


Season's Greetings

'Tis the season
To remember your friends.
Here's a reason
For song and dance.

It's the end of the year,
and the holidays to boot.
Time to spread some cheer
and spend some loot.

Here's a message from us
right here in Las Vegas.
This card was no fuss,
so no need to thank us.

Enjoy some hollandaise,
We wish you were here.
Happy Holidays
and happy new year.

~ danie & jesse

This is a picture of us on Fremont Street during one of the free concerts held when the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo was here. It was a country concert (hence the hay) sponsored by Crown Royal (hence the giant bottle) held in Las Vegas (hence the Elvis).

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