28 December 2005

Our Christmas

Here is our Christmas Card display case / fridge. Every card we received before Christmas is here. Do you see yours? Good. For me, Christmas 2005 was the best one in a long time. I usually just sit at home alone and watch TV. It's not that I'm a recluse, I've just lived really far away from family for the last 4 years. I've never tried to get home for the holidays because I usually have to work Christmas Eve and my family doesn't celebrate Christmas.

It's not that we don't like Jesus (or birthdays) but my parents decided when we were little that commercialism was getting in the way. So there went the tree, tinsel, lights, & stockings. On the other hand, we're not overly religious either. We don't ever go to church (don't tell my grandma). It all amounts to: we don't celebrate Christmas.

But I digress. Theses are our presents as of Christmas Eve. The are from each other and the Bens, as Jesse calls them. They are Ben, Jess, Naomi, & Theo in Cincinnati. I've never met uncle Ben and the fam, but they have good blog participation, so I'm a fan. Jesse and I exchanged gifts very early on Christmas Eve. Or very late in Christmas Eve eve, depending on your math. I got him Sin City (even though I thought it was awful) and a cardigan he wanted from j crew. He got me an ipod shuffle. We were both thrilled.

Much later (around lunch time) we went to the
Carnival World Buffet. It's at the Rio and is supposed to be the best in town. We went during the champagne brunch. I consumed a salad, some bread, chicken wings, corn on the cob, a quesadilla, wild mushroom rice, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, a bite of crab meat, a slice of cheese pizza, a bite of shrimp pesto pizza, watermelon, crepes suzette, gelato, carrot cake, and two other desserts I can't name. I know, it's gross. I really don't think I'll ever go to another buffet. At one point it all seemed really gluttonous. Of course that point wasn't until after I ate myself smart.

We waddled over to Blockbuster. We rented (in the order of my enjoyment) The Island, March of the Penguins, Sahara, and Undertow. The Island and the penguin flick were both awesome. Those emperor penguins... Who knew?

We watched movies and played poker online for the rest of the weekend. I didn't even have to watch Sin City again. Truly the best Christmas ever.


  1. Glad you folks had a good Christmas! Ours was pretty sane (as sane as a 2.5 year-old boy and 14 year-old young woman can be). Ben of the Bens

  2. sounds like quite the buffet....hw

  3. We went to that buffet when we were in Vegas too! Kinda expensive, but it's the mother of all buffets! Scott loves the movie Sin City as well...what's the attraction? I'm happy that you had a better holiday celebration than we did at the station last year with Chinese food. How un-Christmasy!

  4. Merry Christmas! Next year we will send out gifts. We don't want you to feel deprived of all the fun. I now celebrate exchanging gifts. This year, we had a grab bag exchange with 12 people and you can't even imagine the fun that we all had. Happy New Year!

    Mommy dearest