24 December 2005

Heather & Nick Came To Town: III

Heather and Nick were here two weeks ago and I still haven't finished the story. Apparently I keep letting life get in the way of my blog. Harumph.

On Sunday, December 10, Heather & Nick did their own thing in the morning, while Jesse and I did the same. We met up for dinner at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, where everyday is Oktoberfest. Jesse and I had never been there before and decided it was time to try some Bavarian cuisine. I had a generic chicken sandwich, which was delicious but too big. Jesse and Heather had a burger made from a pork / beef blend. I Heard it was delicious going down but burped up something awful. Nick, as you can see, had a giant beer and some brats. Of course the best part was the Kasekuchen. It's a creamy cheesecake in a raspberry sauce. Tasty indeed.

After dinner, Heather and Nick got back to gambling. Apparently Heather had been finding luck the Munsters slot machines in various casinos on the strip. So we headed back to Excalibur where Heather won $108 and Nick won $113 (or something like that) playing nickel slots. I lost $25 in several different machines and Jesse lost $40 playing poker. But I guess the point is to keep the tourists happy so they keep coming back. So it's good they won.

We then went to New York New York to play more slots. Jesse and I only stayed for a little bit (we had to work Monday you know) and Heather and Nick hopefully kept their winnings. They left the next day.

The End. Finally.

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  1. god i love those munster machines, can't wait for march...hw