20 December 2005

Heather & Nick Came To Town: II

When last we met, it was December 10th, circa 11:30am. Heather nick were still visiting. Jesse returned from his gambling adventures with 10 new dollars - most of which he then used to buy Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patties and buttermilk for breakfast. I made pancakes & turkey sausage for me, Heather handled the eggs, and Jesse the pork sausage. Nick may have set the table and/ or poured the orange juice. I don't remember.

Anyway, we ate and it was delicious. By the time Heather, Nick, and I were ready to go out and see the world, it was about 3:30pm and Jesse was dead to the world. Heather and Nick checked into the Excalibur, for that strip hotel experience.

While Jesse napped, we got tickets to the Tournament of Kings. It's medieval dinner theater. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed. I snapped one before it started, but it was blurry. So to see the sights, you have to pay to see the show. They divided us into countries (we were Austria) and taught us how to cheer and jeer. Of course we ate with our hands because forks had not been invented yet. But it was pretty painless, and I didn't even have to take the plastic utensils out of my purse. So that was nice. We had tomato soup, followed by a game hen, broccoli, and some (very medieval) potato wedges. The pastry dessert was not delicious and if you go, just skip it. The tournament was a good show and even though Jesse thinks I got way too into it, I think everyone else who goes will agree. Otherwise it's not really worth the money.

After we were all hopped up on medieval jargon, we headed downtown. Personally, I like Fremont Street more than the strip. There are fewer people, cheaper drinks, and (on this night) free concerts. I thought this little neon guy was cute, so I took his picture. He's actually a bigger than life-sized milk man. Who WOULDN'T take his picture?

The cowboys and their wives were still in town for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, so the concerts had a country feel. The first was also a Christmas show. There was a band, 4 scantily clad dancers, a female singer, and a male singer. The male singer really stole the show. He was an obvious theater major, dressed as a singing cowboy. If you've ever met a real cowboy (or even met someone who has ever met a real cowboy), you would have been insulted to see this guy in tight jeans with a big belt buckle doing choreographed dances. Jesse certainly was. He just kept shaking his head until we walked away.

The next concert was MUCH better. I really enjoyed it, especially the fiddle. The Fiddle just might be my favorite instrument. One day I aim to learn how to play. That concert ended at 11. And we headed to the Plaza Hotel to hear the next one. It was a local group called The Bobby Kingston Band.

Also at the Plaza, was a lot of Crown Royal. Obvious it was a major sponsor. Here's a picture of me and a great deal. For $2, I got a boot shaped shot glass, partially filled with Crown Royal - because I really don't like whiskey, and a t-shirt. All for $2!

Jesse also a deal he couldn't pass up. Brisket (or another option of a giant bbq turkey leg) with potato salad and beans for $5. Even though we had just eaten, Jesse couldn't pass this deal up. In fact, he had to call a few people to talk about it. He got really full.

But the real excitement was not the cheap food. It was not the cheap booze or the free music. It was the mechanical bull. None of us wanted to ride it when we first got there. But a few drinks later, Jesse, Nick, & Heather thought they were cowboys.

This is Jesse the second time he got bucked off. He seems to blame the bull. But he held his ground the third time. He lasted for about 3 seconds. It was long enough for me to get video. Be sure to look at the person next to the giant balloon bottle and listen for my little laugh.

Nick didn't fall off at all, but he gripped the rope so tight, his hands were shaking afterwards. Heather also stayed on longer than Jesse. She might be a natural.

And FYI, once you get a few drinks in Jesse, he's a dancing machine. So we two-stepped the rest of the night away. This town is exciting.


  1. loved this entry...still need pics of the bull riding for my scrapbook..hw

  2. Why didn't you blog MY visit to LV???

  3. hs:

    your visit was pre-digital camera and pre-blog.

    plus it was your honeymoon. those pictures were not pg.

  4. That's abusive. I should figure out a way to put the picture of us at the Bellagio on YOUR BLOG!!!