18 December 2005

Heather & Nick Came To Town: I

Obviously we like visitors. Otherwise we would not have moved to Las Vegas. Meet Heather & Nick. They came to visit on December 8th. Heather was a producer for KVLY back in May 2002. But she wanted something bigger and moved to Ohio. I (being fresh out of college) thought it wise to take her job.

Apparently, Ohio is not better than North Dakota because Heather moved back. We ended up working together at KXJB before I went back to KVLY, and eventually left to come to KLAS. When I left, Heather took my job, essentially right back where she was before I even showed up in 2002.

But I digress. Heather met Nick, they fell in love and decided to get married here. Only they're actually planning it beforehand. The wedding is in March (I'm in charge of the champagne) but they came out here primarily to visit us, but also to finalize some things.

Let's see. They arrived on Thursday, about 2 hours late. They were sleepy, we chatted and went to bed. On Friday, Jesse and I had to work so we just dropped them off on the strip. They saw some sights and got their marriage license. We do do things by the book you know. Friday night we went to the Bellagio to see the cranberries spread about the conservatory. I did not bring the camera, so you won't see how pretty it is - but it's pretty.

We then walked about umpteen miles through Caesars Palace to get to the Cheesecake Factory. Nick and I highly recommend the lemon raspberry. Heather recommends anything but the vanilla bean, and Jesse recommends not ordering a burger on baguette bread. By the time we walked back, we were exhausted. So we went home and went to bed. Well Heather, Nick, and I did. Jesse went to play poker around 2:30am.

He returned at 11:30am a whole $10 richer. Doing the math, I think he would have preferred to sleep.


  1. what a fun weekend! how lovely that your friends came to play. Sorry about Jesse's mediocre luck...but I bet he learned a lot and made some good friends, right? We so look forward to your blog, you are hilarious and smart! jes ben naomi and theo in cincinnati

  2. let's see pictures of us riding the bull....hw

  3. hw: one post at a time. i hope you know you just gave away the grand finale.