30 November 2005

Vroom Vroom!

That means we went to the auto show last weekend. They were giving out tickets at work and I figured Jesse would like to go (being a dude and all) so off we went. We took quite a few pictures. Unfortunately I know very little about cars. I'll tell you what I saw but there won't be any details.

The first stop was the Porsche display. They were locally owned cars and were all members of the local Porsche club (or something like that).

Then I popped over to the Hyundai display. I looked at the 2006 Accent. It's plumper than the earlier models. I think it looks more like those plump little Toyotas I see rolling about the town. The new Accents don't have what I like to call the "sunflower taillights." As you can tell, I know a lot about car design.

After Hyundai, I kinda spaced out. I mean Hyundai is in my price range and shiny cars are shiny cars. Of course, dudes everywhere will disagree. Jesse took money shots of a Corvette and Lamborghini Saleen.

I took the money shots of the Chevrolet concept car. It's a family sedan / sports car. It looks roomy. Jesse liked the wide tires. I liked the handles... until Jesse told me they were blanks - meaning just slits to show they haven't designed handles yet. Too bad really.

And that's my review of the 6th Annual Motor Trend International Auto Show.

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