07 November 2005

The Visit

My dad arrived Saturday night without incident. I really miss seeing my family ever few months. And I miss the east coast - namely the scenery in the northeast. After the hugs and initial excitement, my dad says "you're getting a little chubby Danie." I've always been chubby. And I know I've gotten chubbier in the last few months... so his comment wasn't really necessary. Neither was squeezing my tummy and poking at it. I reminded him he's getting chubbier too. I come from a chubby stock. I prefer "pleasantly plump."

In other news Jesse and Ryan are challenging me to out-blog them. As you can see, Ryan is stepping out from the safety of his new house, and Jesse has resorted to putting up terrible pictures of me. They are the ones with the formal computer training and I think they're scared I'm going to show them up. I'll let Dale decide who is winning.