15 November 2005

The Visit Concludes

One week after swinging into town, my dad flew out Saturday (November 12). I had fun with my dear old dad. This is a picture of us on Fremont Street. Highlights from the visit include my dad telling me I'm getting chubby, and starting to look like my mother. Coming from my father, that's not a compliment. Also, he said I'm abusing Jesse by controlling his life. I expected none of the above and was a little surprised he decided to stick up for Jesse.

I expected my dad to try and prod some intentions out of Jesse... Mostly because that's what he said he was going to do. But after seeing how we live, and realizing we're just kids, I think he thought better of it. So now my dad heads back to the east coast. But don't worry friends, his character is scheduled to return in April with one of my little brothers.