24 November 2005

Third Time's A Charm?

On Wednesday (November 23rd) a car at the Golden Nugget drove through a barrier in the parking garage. A guy and his wife were in the car. The guy told the rescue crew he hit the accelerator instead of the break. They broke through a screen and a concrete barrier. Luckily they were stopped by a pole holding up power lines carrying 72,000 volts. Whew!

The story is strange enough, but in Vegas we like to one up strange. The same thing happened in the exact same spot in January 2004. Only there wasn't a power pole - or the car missed it. It fell four stories and the two people inside died.

Ditto October 2004. Car drives through a barrier at the Golden Nugget, falls (only 16 feet), and the people inside live! Amazing.

I don't know about the people involved in Friday's crash, but the youngest person in the other accidents was 78. And all three vehicles were white. Coincidence?


  1. Bloody hell - that is wired. And so US to have a tv crew there and catch the drama live :)

  2. was that a racial comment about the white vehicles???

    At least those drivers would have kissed the cup!!!!!

    guess who