04 November 2005

Our Living Room

This is our living room. I'm really proud of it.

We found a couch and a love seat at a place called Walker Furniture. They sell damaged / showroom / dirty furniture. The couch only had three legs. We didn't realize it until after we got it home, but it was easy enough to fix.

We have a built in bookshelf (which I love) and a window seat. Unfortunately no one can sit in the window seat because that's where my plants get the best light. But we do have that couch. It's softer.

Right now we only have one television. It's often set to Halo 2 or reruns of poker. If I had my way, it'd be set to cartoons, medical shows, cartoons, and home improvement shows. As you can tell, we need another television.

The love seat is missing an arm. It was built that way. It's deep and also very comfortable. Your legs dangle off the side. (But don't hit the TV)

I found the curtains at linens n things. Obviously that means I paid too much for them. But I think they are a nice color blend of the couch and the love seat.And that's our living room.

We have one wall that's completely bare. We're (actually I'm) looking for something bold, yet agreeable, to put there. Suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I know what you can put on the wall, a nice 8x10 of ME! Hahaha.