23 November 2005

Oh Come ON!

A teacher at a Catholic school in New York was fired today (November 22) for being pregnant and unwed. The Civil Liberties Union is on the case, saying it's unfair and a form of descrimination. I see this as a non-issue, and I'll tell you why. Simply: she knew better.

What kind of Catholic school would allow for unwed, pregnant teachers? Not one that wanted to keep it's tuition paying and devout parents happy. As a representative of a Catholic institution, there are standards to uphold. Plus, it was implied in her contract. She agreed not to violate the "tenets of Catholic morality."

She argued the school would treat a man differently. I doubt that. If the school found out there was a male teacher impregnating women and not marrying them - the media would find out too. It's the nature of the world. The scandal would be, well, scandalous and action would be taken.

Either way, it wasn't a man. It was one woman who knowingly broke the rules, then assumed she was above the guideline by which she agreed to abide, and is now appealing the consequences. I'm not saying the policy is right, but it's out there and established. If I get arrested here, I'd likely be fired from my job. So I'm not going to rob any banks, plain and simple. This whole thing just gets my goat, as Peter J. Kareithi would say. But feel free to disagree.

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