23 November 2005

ND to NV Indeed

Well I did it. After four and a half months of procrastination, I registered my car in Nevada. I had no intentions of putting off my registration for this long but the system here is just SO annoying. First, my insurance company called because the post office told it I moved. Thanks. They raised my rate by more than 90%. Apparently that's to be expected when you move to this state.

Expected on not, I didn't like it and decided to change my insurance as soon as I registered. But registering is an ordeal. First you have to have insurance here (check) then you have to be checked for smog. Then your VIN needs to be verified. And in my case plates had to be ordered. Of course there are the fees. It's decided by your car. My car cost $202. You can use your VIN to price yours.

Once you have all of that, you just have to find a time when the estimated 2,000 new residents a month aren't going to the DMV. Simple. Plus, everyone tells you it's going to be a nightmare. They recommend camping out overnight, driving to the next town, or just not registering. All the hype (plus a regular life outside of car issues) was enough to keep me away.

But on Tuesday (November 22) I did it. I got up early, left at 7, and had my number (a047) by 8:05. An hour later I was out the door. It was pretty painless. I got to talk to my parents, which is always a pleasure. And while I did not partake there was a lovely concession stand in the lobby.


  1. Hi Danie! We love your blog! you are just lovely and you say such smart junk. thanks for taking such good care of Jesse. We hope to meet you soon. Jes, Ben, Naomi & Theo in Cincinnati

  2. My experience (ND to OH) was exactly opposite. I had heard NO bad stories about DMV, there never appeared to be a line, and I saw few out-of-state plates. So what's the rub? I spent half a day to get ONE vehicle licensed!
    Three stops:
    -transfer title to Ohio
    -E Check (emissions)
    -registrar of motor vehicles (the original starting point).
    Now I know the drill.