10 November 2005

My Mom Is Sick

This is my mother. As with my father, the picture quality isn't great because it's from my phone. My mommy has been a great supporter of pique a boo. She has left lots of anonymous posts, but I know they're from her. Mostly because she says stuff like "as your mother." For the past two days, my mother has been achy. She has Multiple Sclerosis, so these things are to be expected. Still she sounds miserable on the phone and it's times like these I wish I lived closer to home. You can leave her a get well message on my comments page (she doesn't have a blog of her own) and you can help kick MS in the balls.


  1. Together, we will fight this and endure the pain until the end. My motto is "LIVE EACH DAY AS IF IT IS YOUR LAST BECAUSE SOMEDAY IT WILL BE."


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