09 November 2005

I Like to Travel

And I've been to lots of places in and outside of the United States. This is a picture of "the bean" in Chicago, IL... and a picture inside of it. Chi-town is one of my favorite places. I fancy myself living there some day.

Anyway, I enjoy new places. Breathing different air, seeing new people, watching what they do - I love it all. I bring this up because as much as I enjoy going from place to place, there are plenty of places I do not want to go. Right now those places include France, Pakistan, and The 9th Ward. But there's a new 5 star hotel on the planet, and it falls within my price range. Still, I doubt I'll ever stay there.

In completely unrelated news, there is a reason children (and in this case adults) should not play with weapons.


  1. Actually... there's a six-star hotel in Dubai. Originally built as the Sultan's second palace, they converted it to one of the world's top luxury hotels. For the presidential suite, also termed the "Jesus Christ" room (due to the first words out of most guests' mouths), you'll spend around $40. Not bad, eh?

    Found that tidbit through this guy - http://www.elliotthester.com/ - and his second book. Entertaining travel read, actually.

  2. There is no place like the windy city out of all the places I traveled, and I have traveled to many. Chicago seems to have the best tasting chinese food ever.

    Go chicago.