23 November 2005

Happy Sunday Before Thanksgiving!

On Sunday (November 20) Jesse and I hit the road to Los Angeles. We were on our way to visit Tab, Mike, and Curt. Actually, we were going to eat at a Pre-Thanksgiving pot-luck hosted by Tab, Mike, & Curt. I made cheesecake cupcakes with fruit topping. It was a new recipe and I didn't really like them. But there was quite the dessert spread, so I don't think anyone noticed they were gross. And tab said she liked them.

Tab is an event planner by trade and therefore hosted a fabulous party. She also cooked most of the entrees. The guests mostly brought dessert. Next year I plan to bring an appetizer. There were probably about 30 people. It was full, but not crowded. And since I didn't know most of the people, I didn't take pictures of them. But I did manage to get shots of the hosts.

There's Tab the Taster / Cook, Mike the Dancer / DJ / Dishwasher, and Curt the Ladies Man / Ladies Man.

The pot luck could have doubled as an Ithaca College networking event. I think most people there went to IC. No Bomber Blue though, it was a grown up event.

Right after dinner, Jesse (scene here nibbling on an apple) disappeared. He went to the rec room and promptly fell asleep on the couch. He stayed there until all but one person left. Then he got up and ate some more.

The food was DElicious. There was turkey, chicken stuffed with some sort of fish, mashed potatoes, a brocolli casserole (or hot dish as they say in the midwest), a cold noodle salad, regular salad, a veggie plate, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, and other stuff I ate but choose not to remember.

There were just as many desserts. It was fattening and very gratifying. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but aside from the cheesecake, there was warm chocolate for the smores, apple crisp, apple pie, pecan pie, lots of pumpkin pie, cookie bars, and just good junk food. yum.

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  1. yum! that all sounds fantastic and your little cheesecakes are darling, so it is okay if they were yucky, haha...I just can't believe that part about Jesse konking out. Did someone slip him a tranquilizer? That is Soooooo unlike him! just boggles my mind, really. He NEVER does that at Gramma Lorraine's house, and he hardly ever eats either-what's up with that????? <(*@*)> we just pigged out too, LOL. Jessica in Cincinnati