17 November 2005

Everything's Better With Tape

Last weekend I made a wallet from magazines and packaging tape (hence the glare). It's been a hobby of mine for a long time. They don't have themes, although I have two wallets made from ticket stubs. This latest one doesn't have a theme. The outside is an old cover of the High Plains Reader, which Jesse gave me because it had a black woman on the cover.

I added some words cut from magazines. Fortunately I read fun, empowering magazines loaded with activist words and double entendres.

Anyway, I cut up some magazines, got some tweezers, tape, scissors, and velcro and went to town. Every wallet is better than the last.

The last one had separate places for cash and my checkbook, but no where for change. Also, my cards slipped out of their holders. They didn't fall out, but it was annoying. This wallet has a change section, and a stopper to keep cards from slipping out. It's my best work yet.

My dad (you remember him) says I should sell them. But I look at every wallet as an expression. And I don't think other people want to express themselves the same way I do. So I don't think anyone would buy them. But this is my hobby, and here are the results.

And here's (apparently) what I look like in the wallet making process. It's a dirty, sticky mess.